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I'm using Boson sim. On one router's ethernet interface I have conected switch with two hosts. Every host belongs to diffrent vlan ( VLAN 2 , VLAN3). So I configure subinterfaces in router with diffrent network address ( ethernet 0/0.2 --> ; ethernet 0/0.3--> ). But I left physical ethernet 0/0 without address ( can I ? ). I used 'no shutdown' command on evry subinterfaces. Now I try ping those addresses and it doesn't work. I have no reply. Is anybody now what is wrong?


P.S. I am beginer and sorry for so simple question (probly) :)

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You need to configure each subinterface with the encapsulation type (I assume dot1q) and the vlan id. Just enumerating subinterfaces doesn't associate them with a vlan tag, and no, the subinterface number and vlan id don't have to match.


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