using translate as a REAL end-to-end x25 to tcp gateway?

Hi all,

I've a 2611xm that I want to use has a REAL end-to-end x25TCP gateway. I need to receive a lot of small (few bytes) x25 calls and translate them to TCP connections handled by a Server.

The problem is that it seems the Cisco translate command is NOT a "gateway". What do I mean by end-to-end gateway? I mean the real translation of x25TCP signalling, ex. Call Setup -> SYN, RR -> ACK, etc.

Next I present the MSC of what I'm seeing in my cisco with the following translate line on my running config,

"translate x25 10105 tcp port 10023 stream quiet"

When the server is listenning on port 10023:

Server | CISCO | PSDN TCP TCP x25 x25 | | || |

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If you turn on TCP keepalives on the router that's doing the protocol translation, does this solve the problem of the router being aware of the case where the TCP server has gone unreachable?


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