unknown "debug packet" command on pix V 7.0 ?


The "debug packet" command isn't present in PIX V 7.0 ! I'm looking for a command wich replace this "debug packet" command on a pix v 7.0, but i don't see it...

Is there somenone can help me ?


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try 'debug ip protocols'

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Grand Styolz

no...this command doesn't exist i've found "capture" command but the result isn't enough detailed

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The "capture" command can save the captured data in "pcap" format (the same format used by tcpdump and ethereal) and is much more detailed than the old "debug packet" output. However, you'll need to view the file on your local machine with one of those tools rather than directly on the PIX. Here's the page at Cisco that describes this command:

HTH - Good luck

arme35 wrote:

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