traffic shaping on cisco 37xx series w/IOS 12.2

I have a Frame relay network and have a PVC between 2 sites (A and B) on a DS3 link, the PVC CIR is 24Mbps, site B s hub and has two smaller PVCs (128Kbps, and 10 Mbps) feeding into that DS3 port. I was wondering could I setup multiple traffic-shape groups on the same subinterface for outgoing traffic on site A. One will be used to shape the traffic destined to a set of servers to 5Mbps, while the 2nd will shape all other traffic to 30Mbps, this leaves 10Mbps for other PVCs feeding into the remote site.

I am thinking a configuration like the one below, has anyone tried or know if it will work, I don have access to routers so can't test it.

access-list 100 permit any access-list 101 permit any any

interface hssi1/0.200 traffic-shape group 100 5000000 250000 250000 traffic-shape group 101 30000000 500000 500000

As a followup to this question, it the maximum burst size in addition to the burst size or including it (ie in this example if the burst for ACL 100 is 250000, will the the max burst rate be 5,000,000 + 250,000 or 5,000,000 + 500,000??


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