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Sorry for these but our senior network engineer is gone - I have a GBIC in a CAT4006 that connects to a Verizon NID that provides a 1 Gig circuit. Can the GBIC be hard coded for speed and duplex? I tried doing duplex full and speed 1000 but those commands wernt accepted.

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The gigabit standards make autonegotation mandatory.

-Some- systems provide a way to hard-code for gigabit, but doing so is non-standard and Could Really Mess Things Up (TM).

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Walter Roberson

I have had murders in the past with certain Unix vendor platforms and the 4000 series gigabit line cards! 99% of the time it is the configuration on the connecting system with deep ndd type problems and the negotiation. And then you may find it connects seamlessly to other gig cards...

There is a command on gigabit ints that enables/disables autonegotiation for gigabit (autoneg or somethiing similar!) and you must try that first.. if it doesnt work I would try a gigabit cross cable between another NID system to verify hardware and then start delving deep into the NID connection parameters.

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