Testing connection speed between two machines over Cisco 2970 switches

My environment has a pair of Cisco 2970 switches (for redundancy), two Sun database servers and I have coming a NetApp which will soon be hosting my databases and connected to the Sun machines via iScsi. I am trying to check the throughput over the switches to make sure that I will have the best performance possible once I have the NetApp in place since traffic will be pretty heavy between the Suns and the NetApp filer.

I have been using ttcp on the Sun servers and running speed checks back and forth between them. I've gotten between 65536.00 KBytes/sec and

87381.33 KBytes/sec during day time hours (when the devices are used the most by our clients). I'm going to run the tests again during quiet hours to see what I get then. The Switches are hardcoded to 1000/full, and the Sun machines are using only one card with failover each.

What i'm trying to find out is if this is 'normal' speed? I want to make sure that I don't have any setting issues that are slowing me down once I implement the NetApp. Shouldn't I expect to see closer to the ~100,000 KB/s Gigabit speed?

Also there are two trunk ports between the switches in an etherchannel so there should be enough bandwidth between the switches.

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