SNMP and the PIX

Hi all,

I'm trying to accomplish the following:

A PIX has a split-tunnel VPN. A connection to the Internet (unencrypted) and a connection to another PIX via Internet (3DES encrypted).

Is it possible to use SNMP to moniter the used bandwidth on the oustide interface while being able to distinguish how much bandwidth is used for the Internet connection and how much for the VPN?


Ikke Mij

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The Pix supports SNMP but in a very limited fashion. Support for SNMP is increasing with every update of the Pix OS. Currently version 6.3 and lower offer support for only the basic MIBs like the IF-MIB. With Pix 7.0 you also get the option to collect IPSec statistics. Have a look at the "Cisco IPSec flow monitoring MIB".

I think, with version 7.0, the answer to your question is: Yes.


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