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I'm working on a merger project and on one side there are quite old boxes like 2924XL and 3640 with ancient firwmare. Tried contacting local Cisco dealers to find how I can get support (smartnet I think) for these devices, but always ended listening to a sales blurb for new equipement that is NOT the option. Didn't find much info even on cisco web site.

Any suggestions?


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Capitan Mutanda
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Hi CM,

Yes, Cisco SMARTnet is available for your 2924XL and 3640 units.

Cisco SMARTnet Pricing

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get smartnet or get spares for the antiques on the used market

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The 2924xl has been EOS for almost 5 years. It rolls off being able to even be supported next month.

Thats most likely one reason the sales guys are selling you on new hardware.

For the $160 cost of Smartnet, you could probably buy two boxes on eBay for replacing them. Since its been EOS for so long, its not like they are updating the code at all in them at all.

The 3640 hasn't quite reached EOS until next Spring IIRC. We've already started seeing new hardware support lacking in the 3640. Its not too long until it too is unsupportable.

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Doug McIntyre

One of my 3524XL switches is covered with smartnet contract, but it will end in July(?) 2007, and can't be extended after that. I was told that after that date 3500XL switches won't be supported. I think that 2900XL switches won't be supported either.

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