Hi. I have a question regarding Cisco's SmartNET. If let's say I have a 1841 router with some HWIC inside, if I buy a SmartNET for the 1841 are the HWIC's automaticaly covered as well?

How does cisco know what I have in the router? Do I specify the configuration when buying the SmartNET and saying all these is installed in the router or what? Thanx.

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When ever you buy a smartnet you need to provide all the devices and additional cards you have in the divices to cover the insurance in smartnet.

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For the small end, yes, getting smartnet on the 1841 would cover everything inside.

Again, for the smallend to mid-sized, you don't need to, they'll just ask for a 'show tech-support' when you open your case, and they'll see it all then. :)

For the large boxes, they'll start asking for cards and modules installed to each of those cards (and pricing it out appropriately).

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Doug McIntyre

I don't know what you mean by "large boxes", but when ordering SmartNet for

72xx, or 65xx series devices, Cisco does NOT ask what is >>I have a question regarding Cisco's SmartNET.
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As long as there is no service modules installed.


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Andrey Tarasov

This is NOT the case in the UK,

We had to give an inventory of a 6513 which was then I understand quoted against.

There seems to be various International differences in the way that Cisco operate.

I recently had some issue with a fairly new 3570 switch that was not on Smartnet. I called Cisco and happened to get TAC in the US due to the time of day. They looked up the serial number and told me it was under warranty until 2012, then said goodbye since it was a UK sale and the Warranty was under the control of the Distributor and not with Cisco. I got the impression that if it had been a US sale that they would have taken the case but I am not 100% sure.

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To clarify by large, I would mean 6500 and up. I'd put the 7200 is the midsized category which is just the blanket cover-all policy.

The smaller Catalyst switches are covered by a limited lifetime warantee, so you don't necessarily need smartnet on them to get them repaired. 2012 is probably the projected lifetime end of the 3570 switch..

Yes, TAC probably would have just taken care of it after you proved you were the original owner of the device (one of their requirements for the limited lifetime warantee) via invoice from reseller, etc.

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