SLB on Cisco 3640, any good experience?


I wanna use Cisco SLB (Server Load Balancing) on Cisco 3640. There would be 3 webservers (real servers) behind the Cisco. I prefer to use NAT (Directed mode) instead of dispatch mode becase I think it's better to assing private IP addresses to the servers (for security reasons).

I just want to know if anyone has a similar experience or not? Is SLB supported on 3640 properly? Any performance issues? Any consideration?

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I wouldn't do it. The 3640 is a very low end platform. Using this setup, you'll probably be lucky to get 3Mb/s of throughput. In any event, I don't think that SLB is even supported on the 3640.

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I've pushed 40-50Mbps through a 3640. Its not going to be doing full

100Mbps, but its a whole lot better than a 2600.

But, a 2800 will beat both of them with its hands tied behind its back. SLB is only available on the 3640/3660 and 7100/7200/7300/7600/Cat6k.

I suspect people don't use it much, and go for a different solution, or different vendor.

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