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Hello all,

I have a pix configured to terminate several IPsec tunnels. Also client vpn is configured on this firewall. My question now is, is it possible to make a client pptp connection to this pix and go into one of the ipsec tunnels? Maybe with routing outside or so? It would be handy when i'm working from home, only 1 pptp connection to

1 pix and able to take over a servers through several ipsec tunnels who starts at that same firewall. I know it would be possible to put a router behind the firewall, but that's not the option i'm looking for. Can anyone help me?

thanks already

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NO in PIX 6.x

Yes in PIX 7.0 (I think -- or at least if the client were IPSec instead of PPTP; I haven't looked at the details.)

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Walter Roberson

I think that's wouldn't be possible without terminating your PPTP session on the router itself

I don't think so :-) as Robert Walson said


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