sequence numbered ACLs not sorting correctly


I seem to be having trouble getting ACL sequence numbers to behave how I would expect them to on a 7100 running IOS 12.3, and I'm not sure if I'm expecting the wrong behavior or if something is being screwy.

I create an access-list

ip access-list standard test > 10000 deny

later, I add to the list

ip access-list standard test > 9000 deny > 11000 deny

and later still, I add some more.

ip access-list standard test > 8000 deny > 12000 deny

show ip access-lists results in the following

Standard IP access list test > 9000 deny > 11000 deny > 10000 deny > 8000 deny > 12000 deny

as you can see, the list is definitely not sorted by it's sequence numbers, in fact the placement of the rules I added later one almost seems random.

Am I doing something wrong? or misunderstanding the point of sequence numbers? They seem like they would be incredibly useful If they actually caused rules to be sorted in increasing order.



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