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I have 2 networks with their own fw, routers and internet connection. I want to joing them using a DMZ zone on each firewall connected via a switch. As per this diagram:

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The problem is that I can't attach to any of the servers in the other network. The Office PC's need to be able to attach to the Admin servers etc in the other network.

The PIX FW are Pix 515 7.0 they have 4 x extra ports in each of them.

I need to know exactly how to do this as I don't know that much about PIX firewalls.


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On each Pix, within Configuration/Building Blocks/Hosts/Networks, select the interface facing the dmz switch and define the opposite sides network. Then click 'next' and define a static route using each pix as the gateway. That tells the Pix's of each sides network and how to get there. You then just need to add the appropriate traffic rules.


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How would you do that just using the command line ?

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In relation to the jpeg, assuming 24-bit masks, here's the routing rules ...

Pix on the left:

name Linux-Apps name Linux-Web

route dmz2 Linux-Apps 1 route dmz2 Linux-Web 1

Pix on the right:

name Backup-Srv name Test-Srv

route dmz5 Backup-Srv 1 route dmz5 Test-Srv 1

Do you know what access rules are needed?


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