Question regarding BGP decision process based in interior cost

Hi all,

Can someone suggest with a test case for the testing the BGP decision process based in interior cost with 3 routers, say


All are running IBGP.

I have tried the following with having R2 as cisco as per the UNH test cases.

I pumped same the route from R1 and R3. I configured static routes (/32) for R1 and R3 with diffrent metric. But still decision taken based on the router-id, not on the interior cost.

Can someone please clarify that this testing can be done with only three routers.

Also I have visited the following page.

formatting link
The following is mentioned which I am not able to understand. What they mean by "Continue, even if bestpath is already selected"

#8 Prefer the path with the lowest IGP metric to the BGP next hop.

Continue, even if bestpath is already selected.



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