Question about DOCSIS CMTS and bonded channels

not sure if anyone here would know the answer... but just in case.

From what I read DOCSIS2 has the ability to run multiple separate instances on different 6mhz channels. So in a cell, you could have half the customers served on the first 6mhz chunk and the other half on the other channel.

With DOCSIS3, you can bond multiple channels into a virtual one, offering greater speeds.

Does anyone know if:

DOCSIS3 retains the ability to have multiple separate channels ? (aka: 2 separate sets each of 3 bonded channels) ?

Do CMTS have the ability to support those multiple separate channels, or must one have one CMTS chassis per set of channel (docsis2) or channels (docsis3) ?

I ask in a context where arguments were made that due to limited spacing in walk in closets, addition of more CMTS units would have space HVAC and management issues.

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JF Mezei
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