PPPoE Question

I had the configuration on my ASA5505 just the way I wanted it. For testing I had it setup with private address on the inside and a private address on the outside. It forwarded traffic observing the rules I had configured.

It will be deployed using a DSL line on the outside. I changed the outside interface to use PPPoE, took it home and connected it to my ISP via DSL to test it. It made the connection successfully and got an ip address. The DHCP server on the ASA served up a proper stack to internal hosts. I could not access the Internet through the ASA. I tried the packet tracer and it reported no route.

I checked my routing table and this is what it was:

C is directly connected, _internal_loopback C is directly connected, inside

Is this normal for PPPoE? Any reason that changing the outside interface from static to PPPoE should make the ASA stop forwarding traffic?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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