cannot access DMZ website

Can someone shed some light one this for me.

I currently have a pix 515 firewall

internal network is DMZ network is

IP address for outside interface is (not real) IP address for DMZ interface is (not really)

webserver sits in DMZ with internal IP address of

I can view the website perfectly when i am outside of the network however I cannot view the website when inside the network even if i use the ip address of the DMZ ( I can goto and see the site so everything is working on the webserver.

I know this has to be some kind of firewall issue

I have the following PAT/NAT setup

show running-config nat nat (DMZ) 200 nat (Inside) 0 access-list VPN nat (Inside) 200 mail(config)# show running-config global global (outside) 200 interface

I have heard something about PIX not allowing Internal traffic to go outside adn then back in an interface before. Is this correct. How do i setup routing to make this work.

show route

S [1/0] via, outside C is directly connected, Inside C is directly connected, DMZ C is directly connected, outside

Thanks very much for your help!!!


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Nevermind. But i want to thank you all for your help.

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