policy based routing for multiple tracking options question

Hi Guys

I have the following scenario

corporate router(B)-----(A)central router(B)-----(A)ADSL Router(B)----INTERNET PC's I have a range of PC's whose default gateway is the IP address of central router's B interface and internet traffic from the PC's are routed to the internet via ADSL router in normal operation (ADSL router is not a Cisco, central router is a Cisco 1811). I would like a option that if the ADSL link is down that internet traffic would be automatically re-routed via the corporate router(cisco 2600).(Routing between central router & adsl router & ISP is static only) When ADSL is down normally you are not able to see the WAN ip address (ip address of interface B on ADSL router). Reading PBR with multiple tracking I was wonderingif I configured central router with PBR to set a ping to ADSL router(B) ip address that in the event of the link failing central router would re-route to corporate router.

Your thoughts please

Thanks Simon

PS ip address of central router B and ADSL router A is on same subnet, as is central Router A and corporate router B interfaces.

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