pix and ms pptp

I have a situation where i am not getting connections with clients doing microsoft pptp with winxp going through a pix506 terminating at a microsoft pptp server on win2k3. The pix is set with tcp 1723 and gre open for any any(and to the publicly natted server). I know the traffic is getting by the pix due to the following debugging output. PPTP start-control-request: (inside:192.168.x.x/1723 outside:

173.11.x.x /39086) 3: PPTP outgoing-call-request: (inside:192.168.x.x/1723 outside: 173.11.x.x /39086) 5: PPTP set-link-info: (inside:192.168.x.x/1723
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conf t fixup protocol pptp (might be fixup protocol pptp 1723)

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