PIX and BGP Configuration


Hello, I have currently 2 PIX 525 Firewalls configured for failover.

Our ISP Failed taking our site down the other day, and that has peeked our interest in BGP.

I am by no means a PIX Expert so forgive me if this is a stupid quesion, but... Do I need Additional routers to impliment BGP? The firewalls are brand new and runing version 6.3(3). From my understanding there is load balancing capability in Version 7 and I have extra Ethernet ports on my PIX. So I wasn't sure if I could just connect 2 drops from each ISP on to my PIX's if I upgraded to Version

  1. If I do need something in front of my firewall's can I use my

4948-10G's on it's own VLAN? I have the Enhance image that supports BGP and IBGP. Is this a 'safe' thing to do?

Thanks, Vince

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Sorry, I Posted instead of previewing. That should have read EIGRP not IBGP.


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