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Hey all...A few questions.... Picked up a Pix 5xx firewall the other day

Comes back with a NIC error, did some searching and figured out the device won't boot without nics.... First question...What nics are compatible with a pix 5xx?...I tried a few I had around (8139s, lne100 few older ones) but same error.... Is there any other actions besides installing the nic or are they just incompatable?

another question....the pix has 64megs of RAM (72 pin simms) but I have no ideas how much flash....It isn't written on the ISA Mem card.

any help would be great.... snipped-for-privacy@NOSPAMsimpsonindustries.net

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the PIX cards are based on the Intel Pro/100+ family with the 82557,

82558 and 82559 chipsets. Hence you might want to try the Intel Pro/100+ cards. Have a look at these links as well:

Cisco PIX

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Intel=AE Desktop Adapters Where can I find drivers for the 82557, 82558, 82559, 82550 and 82551 LAN

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