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I just switched over to a Cisco PIX 501 firewall from a linksys router. Before, port forwarding was very simple for me. Now, I've spent 2 hours trying to figure this one out. I do not have experience with Cisco console commands, so please gear any responses toward the newbie.

I simply want to open up port 56317 so that my torrent downloader program works properly.

Please help. Thanks

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Log in to the console. Give the command 'enable'. Type in your enable password. At the # prompt, give the command

config t

At the configure prompts that come up, enter the following:

access-list out2in permit tcp any interface outside eq 56317 access-group out2in in interface outside static (inside,outside) tcp interface 56317 INTERNALIPHERE 56317 netmask

write mem exit

I'm presuming TCP here; I see from someone's FAQ page that BitTorrent does not use UDP. On the other hand, those same FAQ pages indicate a very different port range, so you may be using something different.

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Walter Roberson

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