Ping issue?

Hi there,

I have a Cisco 2821.

I currently am using 2x ADSL lines bonded via MLPPP.

I have a static ip on Dialer 1 (both ATM connections use Dialer 1).

I have ip nat outside on Dialer 1.

My local ips wit NAT are on Gig 0/0

- it has ip nat inside

- and i have ip nat inside source route-map nonat interface Dialer1 overload.

My external static ip subnets are on Gig 0/1.

What I am noticing is that when i ping my static ip (Dialer 1) i get a response from the gateway ip on Gig 0/1, or sometimes the static ip or most of the time nothing at all (just time outs). When I ping my gateway on Gig 0/1 (first address usable of my subnet) i don't get anything. But i can successfully ping all other static addresses of the subnet (which are PCs).

Any ideas why i cannot ping my dialer or my subnet gateway address?

I have ip route Dialer1 permanent and i have ip route [subnet] gig0/1.

Thanks, Jack

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