OSPF to BGP Redistribution

I have a question concerning OSPF Areas while redistributing to iBGP over a provider's MPLS backbone.

I currently have a network that has multiple sites running OSPF on the LAN/Campus networks. These campus are connected via a service providers MPLS network. The company was running static routes between the CE and PE on the providers MPLS network. At this point they've outgrown the static routing design and want to implement BGP. The plan is to redistribute between OSPF and BGP at the remote sites and at the WHQ site.

They had been running every site as OSPF Area 0, since each site only had static routes to the PE. The question is:

If I want to continue running OSPF at the remote site, on the other side of the BGP/MPLS cloud can it be any Area # (e.g. 6) or do I have to keep it area 0 since technically the CE is an ASBR at every site?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Every site will need an area zero exactly as at present. You can add additional areas as required to create the routing structure that you require on each site.

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