OSPF problem

Hello, I have this topology

Internet/ISP | | | Linksys Router (WRT54G) (Nat-ted) | |(Ethernet - Point-to-Point OSPF) | Router1 | | (Point-to-Point Frame Relay; Point-to-Point OSPF) | Router2

Router1 Conf.

------------ int e0 ip ospf net point-to-point ip addr

int s0.1 p ip ospf net point-to-point ip addr frame-relay interface dlci xxx

router ospf 1 net a 0 net a 1

From Router1 I can ping Linksys Router and Internet and using the name-server as well.

Router2 Conf

------------ int s0.1 p int s0.1 p ip ospf net point-to-point ip addr frame-relay interface-dlci xxx

router ospf 1 net a 1

From Router2, I can ping Router 1 eth and serial but not Linksys Router

and Yes, I've tried with ospf broadcast as well on eth but no luck.

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David Sudjiman
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on the linksys put in a static route for towards the ip for router 1 eth0...

I assume the linksys is not running ospf with the 2 routers ? if so its not aware of the 10 net interarea route...

On router 2, verify you can see

show ip route it should be towards router 1, who will know to use its static route to linksys

this has nothing to do with area type.

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Login to Router 1 and use sh ip ospf neighbor command and see if the router is talking with the Linksys router. I suspect that it does not know about the network.

Joel VanFleet

David Sudjiman wrote:

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