No difference between ....T and .....T3?

dear Group I have been planning to move upwards in IOS versions an have been using Cisco Feature Navigator to establish the appropriate vesion for my needs. When examine versions: c837-k9o3sy6-mz.12.3-11.T with c837-k9o3sy6-mz.12.3-11.T3 there are no difference according to Feature Navigator.

Is there some node in the Cisco abyss that I have missed to find, that have information regarding T and T3?

best regards Christer Bergström

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Christer Bergstrom
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Well to start with all of the 12.3(11)T vesion are now defferred images ( read junked)

The numbers at the end are a finer granularity than the maintenace release number and usually provide no new features just bugs fixes

So for example there are images 12.3(14)T2, T3, T4,T5 and T6

One usually wants to picked up the last image of a series like this as it will have the most bug fixes ( and sometimes some new ones ..)

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Comparing 12.3(11)T with 12.3(11)T3 ... the only difference is that the latter version (which is technically called a "throttle rebuild") contains some set of "important" bugfixes vs. the former.

In general, if you wish to use some release branch 12.x(y)T, you should almost always select the last rebuild from that throttle - i.e. 12.x(y)T where "n" is the highest value available. Right now, for the 12.3(11)T throttle branch, 12.3(11)T10 is the latest and presumably best rebuild.



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