Need to pass vlan info over ATM

I've got a central site with several remote sites connected over ATM. A typical setup looks like this (starting from the remote side):

core 3500 switch -> 3640 router -> 8510 ATM switch -> ATM cloud ->

8510 ATM switch -> central core 4507

All the remote sides are connected to one of two 8510 switches.

I'd like to be able to pass vlan information and have a couple of ports at the central site be assigned to a particular vlan from each of the remote sites (even just temporarily). How can I do this? IP connectivity is already in place and working fine. I've looked into LANE, IP/ATM, MPOA (does that work on 8500s?). Do I need to do anything with these, or should IP connectivity be enough?



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take a look at Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol version 3 Q & A

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That looks like a fine idea.

Getting involved in LANE - even if is is still possible these days - would in my view be a terrible plan. Few people ever used it and very few now will remember much about it.

Better yet - avoid transporting the L2 over your network.

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