NAT on Seconadary IP Address

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I basically have a router with one fast ethernet port on with a primary and secondary IP address. One being a internet IP and the other being on a seperate network a private 192.168.x.x (about 5 sites in total on seperate

192.168.x.x network), basially I use NAT on the VLAN on this router for people accessing internet (the Vlan having an IP address of 195.111.111.x), so esentailly I am running NAt inside on the Vlan and NAT outside on the fast ethernet. So the NAT works fine for the VLAN clients but does for the clients running via the router on the 192.168.x.x network and hense they don't get any internet access!!

Am I able to do this? Or is it just not possible with one fast ethernet port!


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check out Cisco doc "Network Address Translation on a Stick"

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