My Cisco Router does not route!!

Hi I have a problem with my Cisco 1720. This router is connected via fastethernt to my LAN My lan is connected to my other plant via MPLS (Telecom Italia MPLS) using a ISDN connection.

The problem is the following: From router console i can ping the host in my remote LAN! If I try to ping from a PC connected to my LAN, i receive request time out. If I type from a PC: tracert ip address of a host in my remote LAN : the first op is my default gateway (the ethernet interface of my router) the a serei of * * *

I attach the router configuration

hostname Cisco1720 ! enable password 123 ! no ip name-server ! isdn switch-type basic-net3 ! ip subnet-zero no ip domain-lookup ip routing ! interface Dialer 1 description connected to CorporateNetwork ip negotiate FastEthernet 0 no ip split-horizon encapsulation ppp dialer in-band dialer idle-timeout 120 dialer string 00391234567 dialer hold-queue 10 dialer-group 1 ppp authentication chap pap callin ppp chap hostname pippo ppp chap password TEST ppp pap sent-username pippo password TEST no ppp multilink no cdp enable ! interface FastEthernet 0 no shutdown description connected to EthernetLAN ip address no keepalive ! interface BRI 0 no shutdown description connected to CorporateNetwork no ip address dialer rotary-group 1 ! ! Dialer Control List 1 ! no dialer-list 1 dialer-list 1 protocol ip permit ! router rip version 2 network passive-interface Dialer 1 no auto-summary


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why have yopu made dialer from passive under the RIP routing process ?

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Probably the remote end router and hosts dont know how to reach this network of yours and thats pbbly because of your misconfiguration of RIP as it was replied in the earlier message about the "passive interface ..." under the rip config.

regards, prashant

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