Multicast mtrace !

Hi Guys, Could u pls tell me the meaning of "none" in multicast mtrace? R6-Client#mtrace Type escape sequence to abort. Mtrace from to via RPF From source (?) to destination (?) Querying full reverse path... 0

-1 None []

-2 None []

-3 None []

-4 PIM []


I have already enable ip multicast-routing on global, PIM-SM on interface. Thanks so much ! Duong Vu.

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DÆ°Æ¡ng VÅ©
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Hello D??ng,

Do you see the PIM neighbours? It seems that field is meant to be the protocol in use on those links.

The documentations seems uniformly awful but perhaps a little wireshark and reference to

formatting link
which seems to be the genesis for mtrace could be revealing.

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Martin Gallagher

Hi Martin, Many many thanks for your reply. I use Iou Web to simulate this lab and I t hink problem here is iou web. When I use GNS3, the mtrace output is normal. again, thank you so much

-------------- Du> Hello D??ng,

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