Migrating frame-relay to metro ethernet

Hi, We are in the process of migrating the frame-relay to a metro Ethernet network. Just wondering, will the migration be very complex and difficult or should be very easy since the LAN is already running the Ethernet protocol. Also, can anyone send me a sample of routers config on the metro Ethernet based on the hub and spoke network. Thanks in advance.

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It really depends on what you are doing with your routers. You may not even need them any longer for your network, as many people use routers mostly to terminate the WAN circuit, and have other functions (ie. security) at a different spot in their network.

Metro Ethernet will come in as ethernet. Depending on your network design and requirements, it could just plug into your LAN switch there, or you may need some filtering functions on the routers, where you'd have to have another FastEthernet or Gig interface on your router that you'd move the WAN function from over to the new Metro Ethernet connection.

It really is pretty simple handoff. Don't overthink it.

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Doug McIntyre

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