ISIS Adjacency Problem

Hi all,

first let me tell I' not ver familar with ISIS...yesterday night I try to troubleshoot a adjacency problembetween two cisco systems.... on is a AS5800 and on the other side a cisco 7609 On both systems are IOS version 12.2 The connectivity is done over fiber SX gigabit ports...because the systems are in the same room and side by side.

The AS is redundant connected to 2 7606 So from AS gi 6/0 is going to router 1 gig 2/21 and gig6/1 is going to router 2/21 When I debug on the AS that it sends and receives clns packets over

6/1...but it only send over 6/0 and doesn't receive... both interfaces are UP....

so what are the possible reasons ? any ideas ?

thanks dennis

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What does your show isis topology and show isis database show? Are you actually losing adjacencies, or you are just noticing through show commands that you are not sending these? I would assume that these are two different vlans from the AS perspective, so it shouldn't be layer 2, spanning-tree, etc. Have you checked your fiber? What messages are you seeing on the switch portion of your routers (presuming you have a switch underneath because your port was number

21). Any link-loss? Is UDLD turned on?
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