IPSEC Tunnel Going down

Hi there,

I am 12.4(6)T and I am using Crypto maps and IKE connection. I have tried logging to a syslog server and nothing appears to stand out!

Any ideas?

Thanks Jamie

Using GRE on this IPSec connection? If so, consider using IKE.

mach> Hi There,

> I am having a problem with an IPSEC link, it seems to go down and will not > come back up for about an hour. I have added command 'crypto isakmp > keepalive 10 3 periodic' command and this does seem to help but the link > may > still go down for a few mins!! > > If I run a 'clear cry sa' command its brings the link up again within > seconds!! > > Thanks > Jamie
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Post your IKE ACL here, hash out any prop. information.

mach> Hi there,

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