IOS Updating my hosts entries??

Router: 3640 running Version 12.4(13a) IP/FW/IDS

I have the router set up to be a basic dns caching/forwarding server, and I have several IP HOST entries for my domains to serve the internal IPs locally. The same domains exist on the internet with public IPs. So I'm doing a very basic split DNS setup.


If I do an nslookup for, I get back, perfect

My public DNS has a wildcard so if I do an nslookup for I get back the public IP, which is expected.

However now my "show run" has host

And nslookup to now returns,

Why the heck is it updating my host entry, especially when the lookup was to a different host entirely? I would expect it to leave the static entry alone and create a new dynamic/cached entry for foo.

In testing I found it only does this when I only specify the root domain like that. If I do and do nslookup for everything works as expected. So maybe its confused that its a domain name without a hostname?

A wildcard host would be ideal but don't think it can be done. I guess I could configure true split DNS in the router but that would mean maintaining an external DNS server, which I do have but its overkill.

This causes issues on my network as it load balances and half the time doesn't work.

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