IGRP EIGRP multicast addresses

I've found some possibly conflicting information. I'm hoping someone here can clear this up.

I've discovered that the multicast address is apparently used both for IGRP and EIGRP. Is that correct? I was never aware of this.

If this is wrong, can you please tell me which multicast addresses that IGRP and EIGRP actually use?



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Fred Atkinson
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EIGRP packet delivery is handled using Reliable Transport Protocol (RTP) which ensures delivery in order using Reliable Multicast on the multicast address EIGRP uses IP protocol number 88.

IGRP uses IP directly, using protocol number 9

EIGRP is available on Cisco routers only. Sometimes the E in EIGRP get lost so if you read IGRP and multicast address in the same context EIGRP is meant.

I recommend not to use IGRP. Use EIGRP instead if possible.



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Andre Wisniewski


Understand. But I am teaching a bunch of students. I have to tell them about it.

So if I understand you correctly, they both use the same mulicast address. EIGRP sends it via RTP but IGRP sends it via IP is the difference here.

Have I interpreted what you said right?



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Fred Atkinson

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