How to recover from MPLS TDP/LDP down? (IOS Bug?)

I've ran into a problem (again) which I have not been able to solve - I asume it might be a problem in IOS, but I need to find some solution (other than the one I have currently) ...

I have 4 backbone routers talking MPLS to each other. This works fine for days and months ;), so I believe the basics are correctly configured. Looks something like this:

A ------- B ------ C ------ D 50m WAN POS LAN

Now, if e.g. POS link goes down (either by failure or for administrative reasons), then comes back up, everything might be fine. MPLS routing will still work, I can still reach VRFs behind D from A. Anyway, sometimes, the MPLS path from A to D is disrupted by the POS downtime and will not recover. I have had to reboot B before to get it to work again, today I had to reboot C and D to recover. Also, today the "show mpls ldp nei" on C and D didn't show the other side. Trying to re-initialize MPLS by removing it from the FE/GE ports on both C and D didn't help ... And it's not that I didn't wait long enough - on one occasion, MPLS was down for several hours (until reboot) ...

Is there a way to re-initialize MPLS on a router without booting it?

IOS versions in use:

A 12.0(25)S1 B 12.2(13)T9 C 12.1(3a)E5 D 12.3(3)B1

Any idea?

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This is why cisco tac exists in the first place, to handle possible bug situations.

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