How to identify the PING issue


According to Cisco Document :

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Three issues for ping :

"." --- Each period indicates that the network server timed out while waiting for a reply. This message can indicate many problems: =95 ping was blocked by an access list or firewall. =95 A router along the path did not have a route to the destination and did not send an ICMP destination unreachable message. =95 A physical connectivity problem occurred somewhere along the path.


We identified:

  1. Router path is learned and correct.
  2. Physical connectivity is correct
  3. We do not add any ACL in the Router

Question: How can we identify it is a IOS issue ?


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I am not a true expert, but first question when resolving ping issues is for me: are the subnet masks and default gateways on all devices along the ping path (especially on the ping target) configured correctly?

I would copy the network scenario into packet tracer or another IOS-Simulation/Emulation-Software (GNS3 is an example) and debug there. Packet tracer makes such problems really visible, although many IOS-features like bridging/ip-accesslists on bridges and many more are not implemented. DHCP might help to prevent such problems in the future...

just a thought...

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