HELP - stupid mistake on PIX

Hey everyone,

I was trying to make some changes to a PIX 506 down in NY (I'm in CT), and I just lost access.

I was trying to setup for the VPN client access, and added a VLAN ID to the eth0 interface (lousy 2 interface device >:-o ) As soon as I did that, my Putty session got booted.

My Question: Seeing as though I only added the command, I did not do a Write mem after it, will the PIX discard that command after a certain amount of time? Or am I SOL?

I know the session will time out, but will the command stay in the running config? I can't connect via anything right now...




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Mike W.
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It might time out the session and log you out, but the command will stay active until the next reboot.

Can you have someone in NY power-cycle the device?

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Walter Roberson

Arrgh....that's what I figured.

At this point, I'll be able to get there tomorrow morning before anyone else can.

Looks like I'm taking the early train....

Thanks Walter.

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Mike W.

I suggest you consider a remote boot product, and possibly a remote console product as well.

For small operations that do not involve very tight security requirements,'s NPC (Power and Console combined) are very cost effective. If you need tighter security on the remote device itself, then the costs (from other vendors) are noticably higher.

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Walter Roberson

Routers have the reload command which you can schedule for a later date, for example "reload in 5" will reboot the router in 5 minutes.

AFAIK it is not implimented in the PIX.


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