Forwading IP Traffic to a new IP Address

I have a situation where external organizatons reach into my network to a specific IP address on a network that I'd like to decommision.

In the ideal world, I'd tell everyone to start using the new IP or simply change the DNS name. In my messy real world that I don't control, the external organizations have NAT translations to the specific IP address plugged into their network equipment. Coordinating the change will take some time.

I'm curious if there is a facility in IOS where I can forward inbound TCP packets to a interface for a specific IP address and forward them to a new IP address.

I'm looking at the Cisco documentation on NAT and most of the examples they use are arranging for an entire network to be behind a NAT. I just need to forward traffic for a few IP addresses.

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Robert Bruce Carleton
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Rod Dorman

Thanks Rod!

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