ACLs on Catalyst 2960 family

The documentation I've found on seems to imply that the Catalyst 2960 series can accommodate IP-based port ACLs. Is that really the case, or is this basically just an offering to tighten down security on accessing the management interface(s)?

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Michael T. Davis
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I'm pretty sure a 2960 is a fully featured l3 switch, and therefore does support layer 3 ACLs just like any router. See this link/blurb:

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"To guard against denial-of-service (DoS) and other attacks, ACLs can be used to restrict access to sensitive portions of the network by denying packets based on source and destination MAC addresses, IP addresses, or TCP/User Datagram Protocol (UDP) ports. ACL lookups are done in hardware, so forwarding performance is not compromised when ACL-based security implemented."

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Catalyst 2960's are layer 2 switches

Cisco has two software offering for these switches: a) "Layer2+" b) LAN lite - i.e. basic layer 2 features

Part of the "layer2+" is the ability to configure access-lists

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