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Gurus I have a subnet that i would like to extend using two cisco 2514 routers but i would like to maintain the extended segment with the same subnet address so as to facilitate the move of equipmernt from one location to another. Here is what I would like to do:

10.214.100.X ---2514---G703-----E1----G703---2514---10.214.100.X LAN EXT. FFFFFF00 FFFFFF00 Local LAN Router MegaStream Router Extended LAN

Can i do this or do I have to set up a separate subnet? Howdo i configure my 2514's to pass traffic straight thru ?

Many thanks dean

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Yes you can. You'll need to setup static NAT if you want the migrated and the non-migrated hosts to talk to one another during the transition stage.

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Cant i set up the 2514 and transparent bridges with no ip addresses so that they carry out layer 2 routing functions.

Will this work:


------2514-----g703-----E1-----g703----2514----10.214.100.X no ip no ip

what i need is a config file that shows me how to set this up#

many thanks dean

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