Extending Cisco 2612 with additional FastEthernet


I think the NM-1E will fit/work on the 2612. This is a 10Mb ethernet network module. I don't think there are any fast-ethernet modules available for the

2612. Reason for this is that I think the 2612 won't be able to handle much more than a throughput of 10Mbps.


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Erik Tamminga
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Hi all,

I have been checking on cisco website and everywhere on extending my Cisco

2612 with additional FastEthernet/Ethernet port. It seems that WIC-1ENET and other variants doesn't support 2612 but many other models like 1700.

However, I could be missing some other models of WIC or NM cards. So is there anyway the cisco 2612 be extended to support more FastE/E ports? Thanks.

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Guan Foo Wah

Right, there is no Ethernet WIC that will work in the 2600. The WIC-1ENET is for 17xx only. There's some new HWIC ethernet modules only for the 1800/2800/3800 models.

Well, you don't have a FastE now, just a single 10. There's two solutions. The NM-1E to get you one 10-Base-T port. Or the NM-16ESW to get you a 10/100 port with a 16-port Switch attached.

If you don't need the token ring port on your router now, it may be easier/quicker/cheaper to just buy a new 2801/2811 that will come with dual FastE's if that is what you want.

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Doug McIntyre

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