Etherchannel on a 3750 stack

I have two stacks of 3750E (2 switches each) lets call them LogicalSW1: PL1_SW1 & PL1_SW2, and LogicalSW2: PL2_SW1 & PL2_SW2. I am wondering whether it is possible to connect LogicalSW1 and LogicalSW2 via etherchannel, but have the two links spread across two physical switches in each stack? In other words, do the physical links need to originate and terminate on a physical switch or can be on two different 3750s in the same stack?

Thanks, AP

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Adam Przestroga
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Hi Adam,

Sure, you can do this since ports of the stack members are actually ports of one common virtual switch or stack. Etherchanell treats these ports as the ports of one "big":) switch. I've done this couple of times while working on my projects and it works like a charm;)

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