Hi all,
I read that 877 can handle up to 20 VPN (I suppose among LAN-to-LAN and
VPNclient) while 857 can up to 5.
Are they hard limit (constrainted by licenses or something like that) or are
they soft limit so they can handle more but
performances will lower if there will be more? How to "overbook" the central
router having a lot of spokes but limited
slots on central router? Perhaps lowering the lifetime of the tunnel? So after
no traffic it will go down quite quickly
and free one slot
My problems is that a company want to share documents at its small headquarter
and connections will come from 50
operators, using both VPNclient and LAN-to-LAN tunnels. The pipe at HQ will be
2Mbit-2MBit SHDSL while at the 50 spokes
there will be ADSL lines. They will share mainly MS Office files (just to give
an idea about the kind of traffic).
My question is: do you think a 4mit is good enough? Which class of router should
be the best? Moreover the device should
manage another ADSL line of the HQ for its traffic to Internet.
Maybe a 1800 serie? Or must I go up to 2800 serie?
Many thanks,
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