Controlling ADSL sync rate

Is it possible to control the sync rate for a MaxADSL connection? My MaxADSL won't settle to a steady sync rate so I want to try and pin it at e.g. 2Mb. The ADSL interface is basically ATM.

Config is below.


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John Rennie
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see if your router will accept the dsl linerate command

interface ATM1/0 dsl linerate {kbps | auto }

Configures the DSL line rate:

  • kbps-Line rate (data transfer rate) in kilobits per second. Allowable entries are 72, 136, 200, 264, 392, 520, 776, 1032, 1160,
1544, 2056, and 2312.
  • auto-The WIC automatically trains for an optimal line rate by negotiating with the far-end DSLAM or WIC.

The default is auto.

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I have looked at applying this to a few low end platforms and it is not accepted. 837, 857 for sure since I just checked.

I have the idea that it is a Provider-side parameter only.

What platform do you have?

I have recently found that the 857, 877 seem to have DSL firmware improvements in later software. I have found that if dsl operating-mode is set manually (just set it to whatever it negotiates to) seems to help with stability issues. In the UK on BT they seem to support both ansi and itu operating modes. Maybe try both?

temp#sh dsl int atm 0 ATU-R (DS) ATU-C (US) Modem Status: Showtime (DMTDSL_SHOWTIME) DSL Mode: ITU G.992.1 (G.DMT)

temp# sh run interface ATM0 dsl operating-mode itu-dmt

I think that your provider may be able to change the line rate for you.

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Thanks Merv and Bod43. The router is an 837, so I'm out of luck. I get:

Ratsauce(config)#int atm0 Ratsauce(config-if)#dsl ? enable-training-log Enable the Alcatel fw training log gain-setting ADSL programmable gain setting lom Loss Of Margin watch counter for line retrain max-tone-bits set maximum bits per tone limit noise-margin set noise margin offset operating-mode auto or full rate or G.lite mode power-cutback Noise Threshold for Power CutBack

In the end I got the ISP to set my connection back to a fixed 2Mpbs and it's working just fine.


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