cisco2600 as bridging firewall ?

hello, I have a Cisco 2610 router with 2 fastethernet interfacse. installing a Cisco IP/FW/IDS feature set is it possible to use the 2 interfaces in bridge mode to implement a bridging firewall ? I want traffic to pass between interface at layer 2 and being able to filter at layer 3 with ACL.

is it possible to do this ?



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Yes. Feature name Transparent Cisco IOS Firewall. Needs 12.3(7)T or 12.4.

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You must have a 2610XM with the FE interfaces, so its likely you can put 12.4 on there with enough DRAM and Flash. IIRC, 12.4 never came out for the 2610 non-XM model.

You do realize the 2610 is fairly slow though? My first guess is real world, you'll see ~8Mbps throughput on transparent IOS firewall..

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