Help with firewall 851W all works great but.....

Not a CCNX & just use SDM GUI & kinda understand it all, but this has got me stumped. Any computer behind the 851W & connected to the LAN & WLAN cannot bring up websites that are on my web server that is on the same subnet.... Everything works from the outside! One problem from the outside is we cannot Telent in. Be happy to send or post the config.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Jon,

You may want to investigate the Cisco 851W Config Wizard:

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Brad Reese

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Hi Brad,

Very nice....I like it! This may help with some studying. Here is a link to my current config. I think hitting the lock it down button during inital config might have done it. My config is below if you or anybody else wants to see if you can see what is wrong.

Thanks for any help! Jon

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