Cisco vs 3rd-party DRAM

Does anyone have an opinions or best practices on buying DRAM for Cisco devices? I'm not talking about the rock-bottom-priced stuff from Taiwan or China. I always go with Kingston, Samsung, Viking, etc. I can't justify paying 2,370% more for Cisco RAM than the same stuff I'd get from Kingston (comparing the price difference between Kingston and Cisco for 1GB to max out a 2821). Does anyone have any tips or recommendations? I've never had any trouble with TAC with regards to memory. Has anyone else? I liken buying RAM from Cisco to buying RAM from Sun. You just don't do it. The last time I ordered RAM from Sun they literally shipped me 4 sticks of Kingston ValueRAM. They didn't even both to repackage it. We paid over $2500 for that RAM which could have been had at the time for $350 via PC Mall. Any and all comments are welcome.

Thanks J

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Hi J,

You may wish to investigate Cisco's Guidelines for Third Party Memory:

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Hope this helps.

Brad Reese

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I've never had an issue with using third-party memory in a Cisco product using the vendors you have listed. We never purchase memory upgrades from Cisco either, including flash, because it's just doesn't make financial sense. When purchasing new, we usually buy the router with whatever memory is required because its just doesn't make sense to have to crack open the box to install it.


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Thanks for the input. I agree, I've never had trouble with namebrand

3rd-part products either. I mean it's RAM. How hard is it to make a decent stick and support it with a decent warranty? If I'm buying new hardware for a big project I don't mind buying Cisco RAM. Still that means I'm paying 2 dozen times more for that RAM but still... I do always recommend maxing out the RAM from the get go. That's a good practice to get into.

Thanks again J

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