Can the PIX do delayed binding?

Can the PIX do delayed binding--i.e., can it handle the 3-way handshake on behalf of a server that's reached via a static?

I'm specifically asking about 6.3(5), though if it's only possible with

7.x that'd be worth knowing as well.

- John

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John Caruso
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Yes. Set the embryonic limit in the static command to one.

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Lutz Donnerhacke

Right, thanks...I'd forgotten that the embryonic limit behavior changed in PIX 5.x.

Unfortunately that "1" is toxic in the situation in which I wanted to do this: namely, having the PIX intercept all TCP connections for an Alteon load balancer which has a broken TCP stack (it refuses to retransmit packets during the 3-way handshake, resulting in connection timeouts for client hosts). Setting the embryonic connection limit to 1 means that some number of TCP connections--a significant percentage, in fact--continue to be passed through to the Alteon by the PIX, so we're still seeing timeouts.

It's too bad that activating TCP intercept for a static relies on this overloading of the embryonic limit rather than using a separate option on the static command (like "norandomseq" or "dns").

- John

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