Cisco PIX 515 telnet problem

Hi all,

I am setting a PIX 515 running on 6.3(5) for one of my customers. I have no problem telnetting from DMZ network to the DMZ interface ip address. But when I tried to telnet from Outside (internet) to the outside interface ip address, I just can't. I have no problem accessing the PDM from Outside and DMZ via https.

I have already key in the command "telnet outside" but it doesn't seem to work at all. Guys, have any idea on what else could be the reason? Thanks.

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Guan Foo Wah
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You can only telnet to the outside interface using SSH for security reasons. Set up SSH and RSA Keys then use a simple SSH client such as puTTY.



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Martin Kayes

should work but what i wouls suggest:

en configure terminal ssh outside write memory exit

and use Putty or SSH (freeware) client from

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Why Security reason


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PIX will by design not allow telnet to outside interface. Yes, you can configure it, but it will not work, and you will get this error in the log: "...packet is not an IPSEC packet." i.e. the PIX expects a SSH connection.

Setup SSH instead - and make a custom to do that for every firewall you setup, and telnet is considered a insecure protocol, and fx can easly bee sniffed and you firewall could be compromised as a consequence.

HTH Martin Bilgrav

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Martin Bilgrav

Not -exactly-. PIX does not permit *cleartext* telnet to the outside interface. If you have a VPN established which includes the outside interface [i.e., the public IP] then you can telnet to the PIX over the VPN.

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